What Is Universal Life Insurance

What Is Universal Life Insurance?

The universal life insurance is a kind of life insurance that is permanent. With a universal life insurance policy it is protected for the entire period of their life so long they have paid fees and satisfy the other requirements of their policy in order to keep the coverage. As with other permanent life insurance policies that are universal, universal life insurance includes an element of savings (called ” cash value”) along with lifetime insurance. In the event of your death the death benefit from the policy is distributed to the beneficiaries.

Find out more about the advantages from universal life insurance.


Beyond the lifelong protection there are other benefits in universal insurance

  • You can take money out or take out a loan against the cash value of the policy.
  • The value of your cash earns interest.
  • You can choose your own premium.
  • You can alter the death benefit.

Withdraw Money or Borrow Against It
If you pay the premium on a universal assurance policy, percentage of the money you pay goes towards paying your death benefits. The remaining portion goes towards build up the cash value of the policy. As time passes, and the your money has been accumulated and you’re able to draw or borrow against your policy’s cash worth (the amount available will differ according to the business) 1. The rules for when and when you may do this differ based on the insurance company and the policy. But, it’s important to know that this can lower the amount you receive in your death, trigger an impact on your tax bill, or make your policy lapse.

Earn Interest on Your Policy’s Cash Value
Its cash-value of the universal life insurance policy typically earns interest at par with current market rates, as per Insurance Information Institute (III). Insurance Information Institute (III). Of course, it’s crucial to remember that the rate of interest will fluctuate with market conditions so the amount of amount you pay in interest could decrease. Some companies will offer security against this by providing an 80% performance guarantee for the policy.

Flexibility With Premiums
If the amount of cash in your account will be sufficient to cover the expenses You may be able to cut or eliminate your premium for a universal life insurance policy for a specific amount of time as according to the III states.

This could be beneficial when money is tight and you’re trying to find ways to cut down on your monthly expenses. However, there are negative consequences, as well as the III warns. For instance, your insurance could be terminated in the event that you spend the value of your account’s cash to pay insurance premiums.

Remember that you need to pay fees to keep your policy in effect. If you fail to pay your monthly premiums, your insurance will expire (meaning that you don’t have insurance coverage). If you are unable to pay a premium in time, your insurance provider may offer a grace periodwhich is a specific period of time during which you are required to make up the missed payments prior to the time your coverage expires. Check your policy or consult with your agent for additional details.

Adjust the Policy’s Death Benefit
Flexibleness of universal life insurance policy is also available for that of the death reward. In the future you could wish raise the sum payable upon your death. It’s something that some insurance companies permit, so provided you pass the medical exam, as per that the IV 2,3. Also, you may choose to decrease the death benefit to decrease the price of the policy. Be aware that if you decide to raise the death benefit of your policy you could increase the cost of the policy.


With the universal life insurance policy you could be able to modify your premiums as well as your death benefits as time passes to accommodate your requirements. If you have an full life insurance coverage the premiums and death benefits are set for the life that the insurance policy is in force.

Benefit Whole Life Insurance Universal Life Insurance
Lifelong protection for insofar as the premiums are being paid Yes It is true (if you have a a net surrender value)
Cash value Yes (increases on a predetermined basis) Yes
Cash value and interest N/A In line with current market rates
Premiums Fixed Flexible
Death Benefit Fixed Flexible


The III provides guidelines for deciding which permanent life assurance such as universal life is the right choice for you:

If you’re in search of protection that will last for the rest of your life.
If you are able to pay the premiums on your insurance policy and premiums, universal life will pay the death benefit to your beneficiaries, regardless of the time you die.

You have savings long-term objectives.
If you’re looking to create savings tax-free but don’t plan to access the money over a long period universal life might be the right choice for you, as the III suggests. The cash value option included in a universal insurance policy could allow you to draw or borrow against in the event of an emergency.

It’s a good idea meet with a local insurance representative to understand the options for life insurance. They’ll help you analyze your own personal situation and future goals, and help you pick a plan that’s an appropriate fit for your family and you.

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