Ukrainian Esports team Na’Vi claims it is not going to quit the country’

Ukrainian Esports team Natus Vincere (aka Na’Vi) has released an statement regarding the future of the team in the midst of the ongoing Russian attack, stating that the majority of its staff stay in Ukraine and will not be forced to quit.

“The conflict is not over,” the team wrote. “Now every person in Ukraine including the Na’Vi employees is doing all that they can to assist. They defend the cities in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defense, offer aid in Ukraine by volunteering or simply provide care for family members.

“More than 90 percent of our employees are currently located in Ukraine and will not be able to quit the country. We assist people in the most dangerous areas and assist them in finding housing. In our vehicles volunteers deliver daily humanitarian aid to Kyiv and across the region and all Na’Vi clothing is distributed to those who are in shelters for cold bombs and to children in orphanages and hospitals.”

Na’Vi stated that it would continue “covering games, sharing videos, and making announcements via social media” in the near future, but said that it would remain vocal about its opposition to the Russian aggression in Ukraine and plans to launch various initiatives aimed at helping those Ukrainian people. Na’Vi expressed its gratitude to those who support it of its teams, which include ESL, Blast, and European and American teams in esports, but stated that it has cut the ties to Tinkoff Bank, a Russian commercial bank that has ties to ESForce which is which is the company that owns Russian Esports Team “We cannot work with brands whose products are targeted towards markets of an country that is at war.”

On March 1st, Na’Vi made a public announcement of a break-up with ESForce and its associated organisations, which includes, a Russian Esports team that was recently barred by the ESL tournaments under their own names.

The best part, that it is the case, it is that Na’Vi will be able to keep its rosters, even though it has warned that adjustments could be needed in the near future. The Na’Vi staff will appear to be looked after: “These are more than 80 employees, who essentially remain in shadows. The team is now united and support each other,” the team said.

Na’Vi is among the longest-running and most efficient esports companies that is currently in operation. Established in 2009, and located in Kyiv, Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv and has groups that play CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, Dota 2, Apex Legends, PUBG, Rocket League and many more. It was the winner of The International in 2011, and has won titles at numerous Intel Extreme Masters tournaments, and most recently, its first ESL Pro League season 14 championship.

Na’Vi’s statement didn’t provide details about the team’s current situation that is not clear at the moment. My belief is that team’s professional events are on hold for the moment at present, however it’s still in the ESL Pro League season 15 schedule. I’ve contacted the team to get more details and will update this post if I hear back.

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