Software piracy maybe legalized in Russia as gaming companies pull out

There is a possibility that the Russian government is planning to legalize certain software piracy practices to assist its citizens in getting out of the growing number of gaming, technology and software restrictions that the country is facing because of its continuing and destructive assault on Ukraine. It appears Russian legislators and politicians are in the process of preparing to be under sanctions, which is not a good signal for anyone hoping that the war will be over in the near future.The Russian Ministry of Economic Development has proposed a new law dubbed”the “Priority Action Plan for Ensuring the Growth of the Russian Economy in the midst of external sanctions pressure.” As reported by TorrentFreak, the passage in paragraph 6.7.3 appears to have significant implications regarding software piracy. Translated to English, it says:

Revocation of liability in using software (SW) that is not licensed within the Russian Federation, owned by Copyright holders from a country that has endorsed the sanctions.

The notion is that after the law becomes law it will be possible for anyone to download and download pirated software that is no substitute made in Russia so in the event that the software comes from a country which currently has a strong stance against Russia. TorrentFreak mentions that the proposed law will cover both federal and civil liability and the proposed modifications to the law of Russia would be in effect for as long as sanctions continue to be in effect.

Russia is currently in the middle of a lengthy list of sanctions following Russian army forces began to attack and invade Ukraine at the end of October.

The ongoing conlict has caused hundreds of deaths, and many fleeing Ukraine because their towns and homes are sprayed with missiles. In the aftermath, a variety of nations which includes countries like the United States, have put demands on Russia and Putin through sanctions on the economy. In the midst of the ongoing invasion several private firms are also removing their operations from Russia. This past week, Activision Blizzard, Microsoft as well as Epic Games announced that they were stopping their operations in Russia.. They join other big software and tech firms, including Sony and PlayStation, Twitch, Netflix, EA Games along with The Witcherdevs CDPR in banning the country in protest of the conflict.

Although the law proposed would theoretically permit Russians to download games that are published from U.S. companies such as EA without a risk of legal sanctions but that’s not the main purpose behind the law. The law is reportedly designed to assist Russian companies that depend on the software of Microsoft or Apple for their operations. However, given that a large portion of the software is now based on subscription models that depend on cloud computing It’s not clear how beneficial these modifications to the Russian laws on software piracy will prove to be.

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