Microsoft suggests that players should use energy saver mode in order to encourage sustainability

Microsoft has issued an update about its sustainability initiatives. Microsoft has set a lofty target of becoming zero carbon and water positive waste business by 2030.

“Our goal in our role as Team Xbox is to bring the enjoyment and the community of gaming to every person around the globe,” said Corporate Vice President of Xbox Operations, Dave McCarthy. “While gaming is a great way to bring happiness to players but we also realize the impact of gaming on the world. Our pledge to players as well as the industry is to strive to limit the negative impact in a responsible manner in line in line with the corporate goals of Microsoft.”

McCarthy identified key areas in which the company hopes to have an impact to achieve its goals.

Regarding hardware improvements both consoles in terms of hardware improvements, both consoles Xbox Series X and Series S were created with the intention of achieving. Microsoft integrated the power monitoring system in the consoles in a limited number to allow for “expanded in-field, anonyme and telemetry collection.” In the Series S became the first console with Post-Consumer Recycling. It is believed that “28 percent of the plastic component mechanical as a percentage” in the console contains the PCR.

Xbox has also introduced improvements to its software to reach this goal, the most prominent one is Xbox’s Energy Saver. “Energy Saver mode uses around 20 times less energy than Standby mode when the console isn’t being active as well as receiving update notifications.” stated McCarthy. But, game and system updates are now able to be downloaded when your console’s set to Energy Saver mode.

Microsoft is also increasing its sustainability efforts in cloud gaming making use of Azure’s investment in renewable energy. “By 2025, Azure datacenters will shift to 100% renewable energy so that cloud gaming will benefit from this green energy shift.”

For waste materials The company is planning to create Xbox items, products and packaging that is 100 percent recycled within OECD countries, which is in accordance with its aim to become a zero-waste company by 2030.

It even collaborated with its developers to bring awareness of sustainable practices to players. Minecraft has released a set of free climate and sustainability themed lessons titled Climate Futures, and Forza Horizon 5 included a selection of electric vehicles produced by sustainability-focused producers.

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