Brian Loncar: Lawyer Dallas TX.

Brian Loncar: Lawyer Dallas TX.

Brian Loncar is a lawyer practicing in Dallas, Texas. Loncar has experience in a variety of legal areas, including personal injury, family law, and criminal defense. Loncar has also been recognized for his work in the field of civil rights. Loncar is a member of the American Bar Association and the Texas Bar Association.

Brian Loncar: Lawyer Dallas TX and the Criminal Justice System

Brian Loncar is a well-known criminal defense lawyer in Dallas, Texas. He has represented many clients who have had to face criminal charges, including drug offenses, white-collar crimes, and violent crimes. Loncar has a reputation for being an aggressive lawyer who will do whatever it takes to get his clients acquitted. He is also known for his courtroom skills and his ability to build strong relationships with his clients. Loncar has worked hard to build a reputation as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Dallas. If you are facing criminal charges, you should definitely contact Brian Loncar to discuss your case.

Brian Loncar: Lawyer Dallas TX and Personal Injury Cases

Brian Loncar is a personal injury lawyer who has represented thousands of people in Dallas and the surrounding area. He has a proven track record of success in court, and his legal skills are second to none. If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact Brian Loncar right away to see if he can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Brian Loncar: Lawyer Dallas TX and Business Litigation

Brian Loncar is an experienced lawyer in the Dallas area who specializes in business litigation. He has represented clients in a wide range of legal matters, including contract disputes, intellectual property infringement, and consumer protection. If you need legal assistance in Dallas, contact Brian Loncar to get started.

Brian Loncar: Lawyer Dallas TX and Immigration Matters

Brian Loncar is a top-rated immigration lawyer in Dallas, TX. If you are in need of legal assistance with your immigration status, he is your best bet. Loncar has extensive experience with both legal and illegal immigration issues, and is well-equipped to help you navigate the complicated legal system.

One of Loncar’s primary focuses is helping clients get legal residency or citizenship in the United States. He understands the unique challenges that immigrants face, and is able to provide expert legal advice and support. If you are seeking to immigrate to the United States, contact Loncar today to get started.


Brian Loncar is a lawyer who specializes in personal injury law. He has experience with a variety of cases, including car accidents, wrongful death, and medical malpractice. Loncar is passionate about his work and takes great pride in helping his clients get the compensation they deserve. He is highly respected within the legal community and has an impeccable track record of winning verdicts and settlements for his clients. If you have been injured in a car accident or another type of accident, contact Brian Loncar to discuss your case. He will help you get the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.

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